In 2013, after working together in a local network channel, we rediscovered our interest for classic animated cartoons, independent movies and street art.

That’s how La Curiosa was born.

A motion graphic design studio, based in Guatemala City, La Curiosa has been gaining experience for the last few years in art direction, animation, character design and animated branding. The opportunity of making international collaborations with other art studios and musicians has let us create projects reflecting our pure awesomeness.

La Curiosa was founded by Oscar Donado, Rodrigo Aguilar and Rodrigo Dubón. 

Rodrigo Aguilar is a creative director with an expertise in graphic and character design. Oscar Donado is an animator with more than 10 years of experience in motiongraphics, art and storytelling. Rodrigo Dubón film producer with the same years of experience in the TV direction and production.